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 What kind of service does AdOnion offer?
 AdOnion empowers a two-way interacting ad marketplace for both our advertisers and publishers. Webmasters who want to sell ad spaces on their websites and advertisers who want to buy ads from these websites or to list their merchant offers on their websit
 Who should use AdOnion?
 There are two groups who should use AdOnion:a) Webmasters and website owners who are looking to profit from advertising on their site, but do not wish to be bothered with the extra work involved in recruiting advertisers. Right now, there are more reasons
 What are ratings?
 Ratings are encouraged after each transaction (campaign) is approved to rate the responsiveness and provide a general feedback of overall communication and confirmation of the information provided by the business partner. The rating is used to provide pot
 What are some terms that I should know before I start?
  -CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions): Your ad will be listed within the ad spot that you choose and for every view, you will be charged. Prices here however are listed as per 1000 views.- CPV (Cost Per Visit): Your ad will be listed within the ad spot t
 I’m an international, can I join AdOnion?
  Yes, you can still join the marketplace but all funds will be based on US dollars.
 What are the advantages of joining the advertiser program at AdOnion?
  Transparency: Pick and choose which website you are listed on.Choice: Choose from a variety of ad formats. Set your rates to your offers.Target: Narrow your search by keywords.Optimize: Measure the results.Save Time: List your offers. Have publishers fi
 What types of ads can I buy at AdOnion?
  You can buy popunders, interstitials, graphical banners, text banners and text banners. New innovative ad formats will be released from time to time.
 What are popunders?
 Popunders are advertisements which will display underneath a user’s browser, so when they close their current browser they will see the advertisements.
 What are interstitial ads?
 Interstitials ads will display advertisement between two pages of a website.
 What are graphical banners?
  Graphical banners are made up of images as well as text which describes an advertiser’s website and/or the products and services they offer.
 What are text banners?
  Text banners are banners that are made up of text only and describe an advertiser’s website and/or the products and services they offer.
 How much does it cost to advertise with AdOnion?
 It will depend on the website(s) you choose.
 How many accounts do I need at AdOnion?
  You would only need one account, as you’ll have access to both advertiser’s and publisher’s area.
 Does AdOnion require a contract or minimum term?
 No, there is no actual contract to sign but the use of AdOnion is subject to our terms of service and privacy policy. You are not obligated to use AdOnion any longer than you choose.
 What are ad spaces?
 Ad spaces are areas assigned by a publisher’s site for ad placement.
 What are merchant offers?
 Merchant offers are the promotion set forth by a merchant for the purpose of online advertising.
 What is the minimum deposit?
 The minimum deposit is $20 per campaign.
 Can I make multiple purchases at AdOnion?
  Yes, you can buy multiple sites at once.
 Where will my ads appear?
 Your ad will only appear on the site that you choose or on the site that matches your keyword search criteria if you purchase a package.
 When will my ads be approved?
 Your ad will be approved within the time frame that the publisher has specified.
 Why did my ads get rejected?
 When a publisher decides to reject your ads on their website, they will provide you with a reason. Sometimes it may just require fixing up the wording or graphic. After which, you can resubmit the campaign for review.
 How do I know when a publisher is interested in my offer?
 We will notify you by email when there is a publisher campaign waiting for your approval.
 Can I reject a publisher from running my ads?
 Yes, you can always reject a publisher that you feel does not fit your offer. You would have to provide the publisher with a reason for the rejection.
 Can I list an adult offer on AdOnion?
  No. We do not accept adult offers.
 How long do I have to approve the publisher campaign?
  Upon creation of your offer, you can specify a time frame. If the time frame has passed and the publisher is not interested in the ad anymore, they can delete the offer. Therefore, it is in your best interest to approve the campaign as soon as possible.
 Can I get a refund if my ads are not performing?
 If you’ve booked specific dates for running your ads on a specific site and the publisher has approved your ads, you are not able to refund the funds. But if you are running your ads through our packages, then you may refund any unused amount if the perfo
 How do I monitor the traffic of my ad campaign?
 You will have access to the reports of your ad campaign in your account area.
 What is EmailServing?
  EmailServing is an easy and affordable email marketing solution for your email marketing needs.
 How does EmailServing work?
  EmailServing is a system that readily allows you to insert your email list and customize your email campaigns from creating templates, writing up newsletters including scheduling them to be sent out. The system also provides real time tracking and repor
 Why do I need to use EmailServing to send emails out to my list when I can just use my existing email software and BCC everyone?
  There are many reasons. Most desktop email clients do not allow sending to more than 100 or so email addresses at a time. Additionally, BCCing to a large number of email addresses will often land email messages in junk mail folders. Finally, BCCing does
 Can I rend or buy an email list to use with the EmailServing service?
  You may use any email lists for which you have permission to communicate to with the EmailServing service. For more details, please read our ANTI-SPAM policy found here
 What happens to my list after I upload it into EmailServing?
  Your list is kept behind our heavily secured firewalls. It will reside in your EmailServing account until you remove it. EmailServing will never rent, share or sell your list. For more details, please read our Privacy Policy, found here http://emailserv
 How do I get my list imported into my EmailServing account?
 Our system supports various data formats including .csv, .xls and .txt files. First of all, you have to sign up an account with us. Then, when importing, our system will automatically flag all duplicates and invalid addresses for you.
 If I want to use the email addresses I have from my Microsoft Outlook address book, how do I get them into EmailServing?
  To import an address from Microsoft Outlook, you must first export your Microsoft Outlook Contact folder to a text (.txt) file. Then you can upload it to EmailServing to add to your contacts.
 What if I do not have an email list?
  No problem. Then, it’s time to get started! There are several ways you can collect email addresses. EmailServing provides a list building tool in the form of a sign up box to be used on your website. Your site’s visitors can sign up for your email list
 How does pricing work on EmailServing?
  EmailServing offers two payment options for your convenience. You can pay for the service monthly or pay as you go. For monthly plans, you pay a fixed fee monthly based on the number of subscribers you have. With it, you can send an unlimited amount of
 Do I have to give a credit card to take advantage of the free starter plan?
  There is no risk, no obligation and no credit card required. You can upgrade your account at anytime when you are ready to send large volume emails.
 Do I have to sign a contract to use EmailServing?
 Absolutely not! You are under no obligation to sign a contract or commit to a certain period of time when signing up for our free starter plan.
 What are the benefits of joining the publisher’s program on AdOnion?
  Transparency: You are able to know who is advertising.Monetize: Set the rates you desire for your ad zone and you can pick offers to run on your website to monetize your site to its fullest potential.Target: Narrow your search by keywords.Flexible: Choo
 How much does it cost publish with AdOnion?
 It is absolutely free!
 How do I start my publisher account with AdOnion?
  You can get started by visiting here
 Can I work with another network while with AdOnion?
  Yes, feel free to work with another network as there are no exclusive agreements when working with AdOnion.
 What kind of ads can I sell?
  You can sell popunders, interstitial, graphical banners and text banners. New innovative ad formats will be released from time to time. For examples of ad formats, please refer to
 How come my site is not appearing in the Marketplace?
 The reason that your site is not in the marketplace is because the ad codes did not get implemented on your website or your website still needs to get approved.
 How do I add an ad code to my site?
  Once you create your ad zone, you will be given a set of code. Simply copy and paste it to the area of your website’s source code that you’ve allocated the ad space for or provide the code to your website administrator if it is not managed by you.
 Do you accept adult content or services on AdOnion?
  No, at AdOnion, we do not accept adult content or services on websites.
 How do I know when there is an ad to approve?
 We will notify you by email when there is an ad waiting for your approval.
 How long do I have to approve the advertiser campaign?
 Upon creation of your ad zone, you can specify a time frame to approve the ad. If the time frame has passed and the advertiser is not interested in the ad zone anymore, they can delete the campaign. Therefore, it is in your best interest to approve the ca
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